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It is Friends of Animals Sanctuary, Inc.’s vision that, through the help of its fundraising, memberships and advocacy efforts, the following will be achieved:

  • A No Kill Sanctuary for domestic animals (dogs, cats, horses, rabbits etc.) who will live cage free until they can be adopted by their forever families. We will acquire a 15-20 acre parcel of land in Brevard County, Florida that will have buildings and rooms with access to an outside area where the animals can run and play. The buildings will be heated and air conditioned. If an animal comes in that cannot be adopted they will live their life at the sanctuary until they pass on.
  • We will have a building that would have isolation areas for the sick, contagious or aggressive animals. Aggressive animals will be rehabilitated by an onsite trainer and re-socialized with others of their kind. Other than the very sick or injured an animal cannot be euthanized without board approval.
  • All animals coming into the sanctuary will be spayed & neutered regardless of age or breed.


  1. Rescue: We will be an organization that can be called to help with the rescue of animals that are stranded or in life threatening environments.
  2. Rehabilitation: will be a main focus in the sanctuary for all animals coming in but we hope in the future that we can build a state of the art rehabilitation center for the public to use and all the proceeds going back into the sanctuary. This would include pools, machines and therapists.
    We also vision a public animal clinic that the local residents would use as their vet with all proceeds going back into the sanctuary. The sanctuary would employ a full time veterinary technician to be there for the day to day medical needs of the animals.
  3. Information: We will inform the public on responsible pet ownership, including spaying or neutering their pets and making a lifelong commitment to their pets. Long term goal is to have classrooms on the property that the local schools can bring students for activities that educate them on responsible pet ownership, teach them how to train their pets and what it means to be a pet owner – the expense of ownership, the time required to keep their pets healthy both physically and mentally.
  4. Adoption: We will have an adoption policy in place that would require the individuals to fill out an application and would have to agree to a home visit to make sure that the animal we place are placed in the right home with the right type of family. Things we would take into consideration include family size, children, type of dwelling (apt or house) other animals in the home, hours away from the home, etc. The reason for this is that when we place an animal with a family we can be assured that both pet and family will stay together. We do not want any of our animals coming back into the sanctuary because of a bad placement.

The sanctuary will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will have a property manager on staff. The sanctuary will also utilize the help of volunteers, people on probation that need to complete community service hours and possibly work furlough inmates at the local jail. The vision is that this sanctuary would be a clean, happy place to work because all the animals will be in a happy, fun environment. Dogs would be in rooms with beds and access to a grassy play area with other dogs. Cats will be in houses with cat colonies so they are happy and peaceful. Horses would be in barns with access to pastures to graze and rabbits would be their areas.

All the above activities would be funded by donations, memberships, fundraising events, corporate donations and grants. In the future, we plan to have the revenues from the Animal Clinic and Rehabilitation Center stay within the sanctuary.

The above plan furthers our exempt purpose by obtaining and maintaining a non-profit sanctuary for the animals in need of a new home to come to be safe, secure and happy. In 2010, the Brevard County Shelters euthanized 1800 dogs and 5934 cats. This year the shelters are euthanizing 52% of all dogs and cats that come in. These are wonderful animals that would make perfect pets but because of the economy and housing issues people have no choice but to leave their homes and the animals are then put into the shelters because they cannot take them along to apartments or relatives. The shelters are so overwhelmed and crowded that they have no choice but to euthanize these animals.